A little about myself…

I love capturing moments, be them moving or still. Here’s some of my favorite things: Reflective Lighting, Panavision’s B Series, Arri RAW, HBO’s ‘Witness’ Series and the GOAT Rodger Deakins.

Let’s chat and see if we can work together. I’m taking on new Films + Commercial work, and Editorial + Journalism Photography work


Alex’s Bio

After studying to become a Cinematographer at Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura CA, Alex went to South to Los Angeles pursuing work in Hollywood. He became a camera assistant and began working in the camera department pulling focus. Waiting in between takes he picked up his camera shot some behind the scenes photos for a friend’s film. That hobby grew and he began photographing for short films, features, and a television show around LA. Getting off a stint shooting a documentary in San Francisco, focusing on race and its issues around the Bay Area; He decided to stay and began shooting Local News as a Freelance Photojournalist.

Alex shot small stories featuring local colleges and after some of his images won some local awards, he started to cover larger stories happening in the local communities. One of his stories about Proposition 8 was picked up by a few of the larger media outlets and his images were featured on the New York Times. He did this while studying Photojournalism, first at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, then at Los Positas where he earned multiple news and news photography awards as well as being the newspaper’s photography editor for Two years. This opportunity allowed him to learn from one of the best Journalists in California and that same person gave Alex the opportunity to photogrpah Steph Curry, Twice, and a few other newsworthy individuals.

Alex now lives in the east bay with his Fiancé Reba, their shiba-inu Lana and their polydactyl cat Loki. He’s is a Cinematically trained Photojournalist, specializing in photographing Live News, On Set Production Stills, and a Cinematographer specializing in 4K and Film Capture


Current & Past Clients:

Honda's LDR Magazine - Shape Magazine - San Francisco Chronicle - The American Legion - California State University East Bay - Chef, Kat Fang - Acura - Honda - Los Positas College - Patch - The New York Times - Getty Images - Valhalla Motion Pictures



Alex and his fiancé began their own studio focusing on real people and real love…

Curious Otter Studios