Having studied to become a Cinematographer at Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, Alex went to Los Angeles pursuing work as a focus puller and a behind the scenes photographer for short films, feature productions, and 1 television show.

Coming home to northern california he used his photography skills to being covering news for local newspapers around the bay area. One of his stories about Proposition 8 was picked up by a few of the larger media outlets. Wanting to study further he enrolled first at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, then at Los Positas where he earned multiple news and photography awards. This opportunity allowed him to learn from one of the best print journalists in California, giving Alex a chance photograph Steph Curry and a few newsworthy individuals.

Alex is a Cinematically trained Photojournalist, specializing in photographing Live News, On Set Stills Photography, and being the Director of Photography for small-medium sized productions, in and out his Northern California stomping grounds.

He’s available to work outside the US and is accepting offers to bid, to glass for short and feature film productions.

Current & Past Clients:

Honda's LDR Magazine - Shape Magazine - San Francisco Chronicle - The American Legion - California State University East Bay - Chef, Kat Fang - Acura - Honda - Los Positas College - Patch - The New York Times - Getty Images - Valhalla Motion Pictures

Alex and his fiance Reba also began their own studio focusing on something a little more specialized and with a lot more love, Curious Otter Studios

*  Alex's Email for contact: EditBuddy{at gmail dot com}